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Karen was a former colleague. We worked together 10 years ago, when the two young workers ' probation. We had some great laughs on the job and became good friends, but that is all that happened. Over the years we were friends, although our careers took us in opposite directions. While Karen was married was something I was curious, since she was breathtakingly beautiful. In the time it bacame a kind of confident with it and I learned that there was something about older men. In fact, for about 4 years ago I was having an affair with a married man who used to care for children. Then one day Karen appeared unexpectedly at the door of my house. She findtubes was crying and when he left, he said, sobbing in me, who died of a findtubes heart attack. In the following years, from time to time to see Karen for lunch and found it to have to deal with their pain. Then, once told me that was lost with sex, especially sex secret of a married man. We had shared a bottle of wine between us about the food, and I do not know why, but when I went to his car, findtubes I suddenly picked her up and kissed it easy. She did not and seemed to be satisfied, although a little surprised. I laughed and said : I've always wanted to do that, but never had the courage. She smiled and said, ' What I want now.. back to me, as I think you can drink tea or coffee,' I said OK and followed her into the street in my car. As I findtubes drove my heart was racing. What should I do? What was I thinking ? I can not, I'm married and Karen is a great friend who does not want to miss. He said he knew it was the coffee and chat, but in my heart I believe that I wanted something more than coffee. Karen lives in a semi in a cul-de -sac. The two were in the kitchen while she made ​​coffee and let your small dog in the backyard. It was all very innocent and national. Then she locked the dog in the kitchen and took me out to ths white leather sofa in the room and asked me to sit down. This time, took the initiative and kissed me, his tongue probing my mouth. Within seconds I was out of breath and pushed back deep into the couch. My right hand explored her body, the softness of her left breast was striped blouse by his travels in the thigh, now exposed as touch the skirt rode higher and higher. My tongue was investigating mouth findtubes feverishly Karen and I heard her breathing hard through his nose. Now my hand opened a button on his blosue and sought the soft skin of her breasts in a bra black hole tied. There was no resistance and I lowered my head, feverishly sucking a big nipple. Karen sat back and moaned. I sucked and licked and teased the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. Then, still sucking at the breast, I moved my findtubes hand under her skirt and felt the lace for her panties. She was wet, real wet and offered no findtubes resistance, asHe touched and looked her clitoris with your thumb in the making. Then she pushed me, and I thought he had gone too far, and sat down. Karen got up, took two steps forward and began to undress. Within seconds she was naked and as she turned to look at me I looked with admiration at her beautiful body, her breasts 34 inches of perfect conical shape, the curve of the stomach and the valley of hair. When she came to me and I could see his lips and extended, and saw her clit peeking out from hiding. Karen replied to me on the sofa and quickly went back to sucking her breasts, fingers her labia and clitoris. After a while I sank to the knees, push your knees apart and slowly began licking the lips and nudged her clit. Karen let out a loud groan and my tongue to enhance and enjoy the taste of your vagina. His breathing was getting stronger and faster, and she gently held the back of my head, as I researched more with my tongue and GEntly play with her clitoris with your thumb. Suddenly he gasped and pressed her thighs tightly around my head, like a long orgasm she had. rested a minute to lick a clear head again and then I started probing and teasing again. Over the next 15 minutes came three times, each time louder than before, having lost all inhibitions and was only able to enjoy the moment. After this time the room I moved back to the couch and smiled as he looked at his face. It was only a trace of a smile on her lips, her teeth gently pressed against the lower lip like mini orgasms yet. I findtubes got findtubes up and dragged me naked, and then turned my erect penis was the first time. I sat by his side, but on the edge of the seat is not quite sure what to do next. Karen was my insecurity rose from the sofa and kneeling with both hands and gently pushed me back in mind. Then she took my penis inThe mouth for the first time and slowly moved her mouth up and down the swollen head. Then with his right hand holding my cock near the base and at the same time I masturbated when she found me by word of mouth with wet lips and mouth. From time to time stopped looking at me, then it would be dripping saliva from his mouth on my cock and then fly to me. Did not last long, and I told him I was about to come, but she kept going. I broke the waste in the mouth with hot cum wasted. He kept blowing me, though more slowly, and I could see my sperm leaking from the corners of his mouth. was a wonderful moment that never repeats itself, unfortunately, and soon after, she called to tell me, who findtubes had with a man again. Part of me was very happy for her and my relationship, needs no complication. However, to this day I regret I findtubes only had one stolen night of passion.
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